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Comprehensive Projects

We have a specialised team dedicated to the complete approach and development of these projects as well as the assembly.

Customised design

We create customised designs to suit the specifications of each project. We make prototypes really quickly (2 to 5 days).

Our own solutions

We have all our products in 3D in different formats for inclusion in projects with any CAD programme, with the possibility of creating virtual renders.


Made to measure projects

We have the most modern computer software: automatic template programmes, generation of renders, life-size 3D printers, etc., which allow us to make prototypes really quickly (2 to 5 days).

Innovation is an essential part of our philosophy

We have one of the most technologically advanced production plants in the world were we carry out the complete production process. But our reliability is probably our main strength. We have never failed, and when an issue has arisen, we have always resolved it promptly.

It is important to point out that we are not importers, the complete production process is carried out in our own factory located in Yecla (Spain), where technology, design and craftsmanship interrelate perfectly.

Even though we are very well known for upholstered furniture (which is what we have been doing for almost 50 years), we also supply other types of furniture such as tables, chairs, rugs, lamps, wood and metal furniture, as well as other decorative elements. All made in Spain.

We carry out an average of five innovations per day, which means more than one thousand innovations per year. The whole production process is carried out in Spain. With a clear exporting vocation, we sell in more than 70 countries around the world.

"MADE IN SPAIN" manufacturing with 50 years of experience

At Fama we combine the most advanced technology with the experience and craftsmanship of our workers.

Made in Spain

Company news


Indy Sofa Bed

A new sofa bed concept ideal for hotels, as it only needs a depth of 40 cm to open.

Siddy office chair

Siddy, the project of an office chair designed from scratch, different from everything else. It's not just about design, health is the most important thing.

More información

Tripods Triovo

Tripod system for removable tables. The trestles are housed in a wheeled trolley with a capacity of 24 units.

Duplo Separation System

Sistema que permite convertir, de manera rápida y sencilla, una mesa doble en dos mesas individuales.