Hotels, Restaurants, Work spaces, Residences and Custom projects in general

Hotels, Restaurants and Installations

Our aim is to create and manufacture products that offer innovative solutions to the needs of the current contract market. In addition to the wide range of products that we have in our catalogue, we can create customised designs to suit the specifications of each project.

Residential Projects

Our sofas create unique and special spaces wherever they are placed, providing design and comfort. We have built a brand with our own style, distinguishing ourselves from our competitors with the use of colour. A style that captivates end users, who increasingly look for our products in the shops.

Experiencia en Grandes Marcas

We design and manufacture items for large companies within the catering sector, adapting all the furniture to their specifications. We work hand in hand with our clients, always looking for the best result in the projects and offering constant improvements.


Most people who visit our offices get surprised by the design of our workspaces, so we decided to launch our system of tables and office chairs to the market, as well as any other elements designed for nowadays offices.


Following our usual system of work, we analyse the needs and apply innovative solutions that provide great comfort for users and their family members or caregivers.


When we decided to build a nursery and playroom in our company, we began to analyse the necessary legal requirements for this type of facilities and the needs for a proper functioning.