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If there is something we are well known is for being a reliable supplier.

We say “ we create and develop simple solutions to solve complex issues”, and these solutions are based on our customers’ feedback.

It is not a matter of creating easy solutions. In fact, we always create and develop the most suitable solution for each problem, solving issues that have been given up for lost by other companies.

As a result, we manage to design products for our customers, not matter if they are under pre-set requirements or using our own designs, which are very useful and usable. We consider every sector and their specific needs, adjusting our prices and the quality. Over all, we had the support of a creative and an effective problem solving team, who will be able to solve any problem, finding the best solution, and doing it very quickly.



We have the most modern computer software: automatic template programmes, generation of renders, life-size 3D printers, etc., which allow us to make prototypes really quickly (2 to 5 days).

We take care of the complete development of projects proposed by our customers, as well as the design of products for installations that provide new solutions to the everyday needs at restaurants, hotels and any other type of installation.

We work hand in hand with our clients, always looking for the best result in the projects and offering constant improvements. We have a specialised team dedicated to the complete approach and development of these projects as well as the assembly.

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Custom solutions

We design and manufacture items for large companies within the catering sector, adapting all the furniture to their specifications.

We are ISO 9001 certified since 1998 and recently we have also obtained the ISO14001 certification and the PEFC’s Chain of Custody certification of all our products.

We are well known for our great production capacity, compliance with lead times and a superb quality which guarantees a decent ageing.

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We have all our products in 3D in different formats for inclusion in projects with any CAD programme, with the possibility of creating virtual renders.

We have a Design Office capable of undertaking a great variety of R&D projects, focused on finding solutions to the needs of the current contract market.

our curious nature makes us go always a step ahead and look for simple solutions to complex problems.

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We believe that we can be the supplier that every company would like to have…

A few years ago at a Furniture Show in Milan, a new client from the Caribbean Islands who met us for the first time and was considering the possibility of placing a very big order said to us:

- “I like the product, but... how can I trust you? I do not know you and my island is very far away, what happens if I have a problem?”

- I remember that we told him: “think about the person you trust most in this world... You can have exactly the same confidence in us.”

If we dare to pronounce such categorical statements, it is because we have never failed. Problems may have of course arisen, but we have always searched for the best solution and sorted them out.

This anecdote helps to express what is behind our company’s philosophy.

Our main value is “Honesty”, we have a very long experience (we started in 1970), we have different and innovative products and we can develop new design projects to meet the requirements of many projects (we have a design office with a team of 30 people who enjoy their job everyday), we have the latest technological improvements and one of the most technologically advanced factories in the world, exporting 75% of our production to more than 70 countries worldwide, we take care of fundamental aspects such as Corporate Social Responsibility and look after the environment.

Fama is considered a very good example of Industry 4.0 (we have been recently awarded with the “4.0 Connected Industry National Award” from the Industry, Commerce and Tourism Ministry), the whole production process is carried out in Spain, not only sofas and armchairs but also tables, lamps, rugs, furniture. Also, the assembly of all installations is carried out by a team of qualified Fama specialists.


Innovative SME Certificate

Envinonmental Management Certificate Iso 14001

Member of the Spanish Renowned Brands Forum

Certified company by AENOR

Made in Spain

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